Place Your Trust in Insurance and Your Insurance in Trust

While the benefits received from a life insurance policy are not treated as income for tax purposes, if the life insurance policy was owned by the deceased within three years of his death, the estate of the deceased will be taxed on any amount of the insurance proceeds above the estate tax threshold. Okay, now […]

The Many Positive aspects of an Irrevocable Trust

Lots of of my consumers check with me about the positive aspects of applying a rely on as element of their estate strategy but they are unaware that there are many various styles of trusts and just about every could provide an crucial purpose as a aspect of your estate strategy, relying on what your […]

Does Your Trust Discourage Guardianship? Most Don’t Do Enough!

Most clients want to avoid a nursing home stay at all costs. Institutional care may be necessary, but no one invites it before absolutely necessary. If you have a Revocable Living Trust, you may even believe that you have done all that you can to avoid probate, guardianships, and unwanted institutionalization. Sadly, many people are […]

Basics of Estate Planning: Funding Your Trust

Property you own can be transferred to your heirs or chosen beneficiaries upon your death in one of several ways. If the particular asset is owned by you and another individual, as in the case of a residence which you jointly own with your spouse with a right of survivorship (JWROS), the property will automatically […]

Personal Trust Organizations

A Personal Believe in Business is, fundamentally, a organization shaped for the unique intent of acting as trustee of a one belief, or a team of associated trusts. It is not uncommon for settlors to desire to keep a diploma of handle about belongings they settle into trust and this is in some cases realized […]