With more demands and what seems like less time, we are all looking for ways to increase productivity during our workdays. Here are 7 simple tips to give you back some control in your workday and help you become more productive.

1. Create a to Do list

Before you start each day, make a list of your must-do items. This keeps you on task and can bring you back to focus when you keep your list in front of you while working. We suggest you make it a paper list so it is visible at all time.

2. Take Breaks

We all seem to overwork ourselves and don’t realize when we need a break. Allow yourself to take breaks when you find that you are getting overwhelmed, stressed, if you start losing concentration, or just need to clear your mind for a few minutes. Step away from your desk take a walk around the office or just stand up and stretch.

3. Weed out distractions

Social Media, push notification and our digital age makes it easy to have constant distractions. Turn the notifications off on your phone and computer except for crucial appointment reminders so you are not constantly distracted. It is easy to get sidetracked from one text or notification and 20 minutes later realized that you have completely lost focus.

4. Designate time to read emails

Allow yourself to check emails in the morning, after lunch and before you leave the office. When you are constantly checking your inbox and reading or replying to every email, it sucks down your productivity time. If you are sending out emails and need them to be responded to promptly, assign a Priority tag to them.

5. Sleep early and get up early

Take a look at every top executive, CEO or successful businessperson and you will find that they all have one main thing in common – they wake up early. Waking up early gives them time to get their morning started without being rushed and limited on time. Going to bed early ensures they are rested and recharged to start the next day.

6. Focus on one thing at a time.

We have all heard that multitasking is detrimental to productivity. It reduces the performance of any task that we do when not being fully focused. Studies have shown that our brain is strained when we are constantly shifting from multiple tasks at one time. Would you rather complete one task with excellent results or 3 things in with mediocre results?

7. De-Clutter and organize your environment

When you are working in a cluttered environment, it creates unnecessary stress on your mind and body. It is like having a stack of unopened mail that you know you need to get to. Not to mention, it is a distraction. Clean up your workspace so you can stay focused and more productive.

Along with productivity, life balance is crucial. When we find balance in our lives, we are better able to perform and are actually happier individuals.

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